Sunday, July 22, 2012


Out of the Blue: A Message from the Messenger

Last night, I had a dream of incredible clarity, every visual
detail authentically pronounced, and it remained with me all
morning long. I have learned from past experience that when
such dreams occur to pay them heed. To pay attention, because
they hold a particular truth that will manifest one day in my
waking life, in some future circumstance. A signpost.

I have done this all my life but typically I dream of places,
unusual locations steeped in visual details that I have never
been before. Then, at some future point (weeks, months, years
later), I find myself there in that exact location, just as my dream
of the same place flashes before me. It always unnerves me.
But uncharacteristically, last night's dream was not of a place.
It was of a person ...

Archangel in my bed. Cool white sheets. Open balcony door.
Slight breeze. Smell of a freshwater lake just beyond. Warm
breath on the back of my neck.

He said, "I got married. But I think it was a mistake."
And I replied. "Why are you here?".
"I don't know ...", he answered, expectantly ...

The moment lingered as it always does in such dreams.
My eyes soaking up every visual detail, including the
subdued turmoil in his downcast eyes. Feigned indifference
that failed to hide his heart.

Can I disambiguate the message in my dream with a trumpet
blast? A belief that all angels remain free, and still fly high?
Full sails? Heading out of the blue with the wind on his back?


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